nJAMS (not Just Another Monitoring Solution) provides real-time visibility into end-to-end business processes. Business teams can identify the status of process instances, while IT teams monitor process performance and prevent problems. Enterprise architects use nJAMS to simplify development, migration, testing and monitoring of critical business processes

nJAMS aggregates monitoring data from integration platforms across domains and uses it to enable business transparency and reduce complexity. Initially developed for the TIBCO environment, nJAMS today supports multiple integration platforms, applications and cloud services. Extending process monitoring to custom applications and other technologies is straightforward with the nJAMS SDK.

The nJAMS Client for BW can be used in two different modes: The explicit mode uses the palette in TIBCO Designer. The implicit mode uses the nJAMS client without changing the TIBCO repositories.

All run-time details of every BW6 process are captured and made available for visualization, correlation and further processing in the scope of an end-to-end business process.

nJAMS Plugin for Replay enables nJAMS Server to record input data of any start activity of a starter process and replay the data.

Replay in this context means you can trigger a starter or sub process for execution and edit the process data that have been recorded before.

It is very important that a Replay can be identified out of the regular process executions. nJAMS Plugin for Replay tags a process execution that was started as a Replay. There is a History dialog that shows all Replays including its payloads and timestamps.

nJAMS captures all run-time details of every TIBCO BW process and makes them available for visualization, correlation and further processing in the scope of an end-to-end business process.

The following nJAMS clients are available in a TIBCO environment:

  • nJAMS Client for BW6
  • nJAMS Client for BWCE
  • nJAMS Client for BW
  • nJAMS Client for BWSE
  • nJAMS Client for ADR3 Adapter
  • nJAMS Client for ADAB Adapter.

nJAMS Plugin for Replay is an add-on to the nJAMS server, which allows operators to  correct data according to their privileges and role and to restart a process.

A complete range of consulting, training, certification and customization services rounds off our nJAMS offering.

Use nJAMS for TIBCO Monitoring:

  • Discover business issues and opportunities in real-time

  • Provide users with root-cause data and actionable recommendations

  • Make informed decisions before issues impact your business 

  • Empower business users to manage their key business processes

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