nJAMS provides real-time visibility into your end-to-end business processes, with defined views depending on the end users. That means your business teams can identify the status of process instances, while your IT teams monitor process performance and prevent problems. Enterprise architects can also use nJAMS to simplify development, migration, testing and monitoring of critical business processes. 

How nJAMS works

nJAMS captures all the run-time details of every one of your TIBCO BW processes. It then makes them available for visualization, correlation and further processing in the scope of an end-to-end business process.

nJAMS Products for TIBCO

  • nJAMS Client for BW6
  • nJAMS Client for BWCE
  • nJAMS Client for BW
  • nJAMS Client for BWSE
  • nJAMS Client for ADR3 Adapter
  • nJAMS Client for ADAB Adapter
  • nJAMS Plugin for Replay


  • Discover business issues and opportunities in real-time

  • Provide users with root-cause data and actionable recommendations

  • Make informed decisions before issues impact your business 

  • Empower business users to manage their key business processes

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