What if an issue occurs somewhere in your SAP system landscape? How long does it take to find out if this issue originated with SAP or with non-SAP components? nJAMS allows business and IT managers to identify the root cause in real-time and understand what part of their core business processes is affected.

 nJAMS monitors inbound and outbound IDoc processing within an SAP ERP system. It captures all run-time details of every process and makes them available for visualization, correlation and further processing in the scope of an end-to-end business process. A traffic light symbol shows exactly, in the drill-down process graph, if and where a problem occurred. This allows rapid, accurate root-cause analysis.

nJAMS client for SAP allows you to monitor inbound and outbound IDoc processing in SAP ERP.

nJAMS can also monitor IDoc webservice processing.

A graphical process flow in nJAMS UI shows the taken steps during processing the IDOC in SAP.

SAP inbound processing requires the upstream system to transfer an IDoc to the IDoc interface (staging area) through the R/3 system port. If the upstream system is recognized, the IDoc is saved in the database and further processed. SAP outbound processing works accordingly, via the IDoc staging area. nJAMS provides information about the iDOC processing to the system administrator as well as all relevant business and IT users.

Use nJAMS for SAP IDoc Monitoring:

  • Respond to business issues and opportunities faster

  • Provide more accurate business reporting

  • Non-intrusive monitoring without code change in SAP IDoc processing

  • Reduce the backlog of open SAP issues

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