Do you have what it takes to provide extraordinary customer services? Do you always know how your business is performing? nJAMS gives you complete visibility into your operations – to drive your digital business into a winning future.

Discover Processes

nJAMS tracks your data to discover how your business transactions are executed and determines correlations between processes. Then we visualize the process flow in a drill-down process graph.

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Measure What Matters

What is your corporate strategy? nJAMS helps you visualize your progress, process performance and KPIs on a user-friendly dashboard. Alerts allow you to take immediate action when required. 

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Get Better, Now

nJAMS provides a unique combination of process flow, process data and process performance KPIs. It lets you drive your corporate strategy forward through faster and better-informed decision making. 

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nJAMS helps deliver and improve business outcomes from your existing MuleSoft and TIBCO integration platforms. You receive an enterprise wide, top-down perspective of process flows and transaction data aligned with your business strategy. 

nJAMS Benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction by understanding their needs and taking care of issues before they happen

  • Reduce time-to-market with an easy-to-implement nJAMS solution that allows testing before launching

  • Increase process efficiency with a deep and transparent view into end-to-end transactions

  • Lower operational risk by using data to make informed decisions based on real-time metrics

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