Do you have what it takes to provide extraordinary customer services? Do you always know how your business is performing? Want to search client transactions across all platforms using one customer number? Interested in process indicators such as throughput times or availability? How often are orders in your online shop cancelled because, for example, the preferred payment method wasn’t available or your system was too slow? All these questions can be answered with effective use of the right data.

nJAMS helps deliver and improve business outcomes from your existing MuleSoft and TIBCO integration platforms. It gives you complete visibility into your operations – to drive your digital business into a winning future.

nJAMS starts by tracking your data across system boundaries to discover how your business transactions are executed. And automatically determine correlations between processes. Then we visualize the process flow in a drill-down process graph. This unique approach creates a complete and true end-to-end view of your business operations.


What is your corporate strategy? Which KPIs do you use to measure your progress and realize your aims? nJAMS helps you visualize your progress, process performance and KPIs on a user-friendly dashboard. Alerts allows you to take immediate action when required. With accurate information for better decisions.


nJAMS provides a unique combination of process flow, process data and process performance KPIs. These operational insights are valuable on every business level. It lets you drive your corporate strategy forward through faster and better-informed decision making. At the same time you’ll continually improve your operational efficiency and business outcomes. 


Your success depends on optimizing your operational processes. For that you need end-to-end insight across your entire value chain. nJAMS documents and visualizes your current process landscape within your strategic business context. It provides real-time data to monitor and manage all your operations. You receive an enterprise wide, top-down perspective of process flows and transaction data aligned with your business strategy. 

Use nJAMS as a strategic tool to

  • Increase customer satisfaction by understanding their needs and taking care of issues before they happen

  • Reduce time-to-market with an easy-to-implement nJAMS solution that allows testing of mechanisms before launching

  • Increase process efficiency with a deep and transparent view into end-to-end transactions

  • Lower operational risk by using data to make informed decisions based on real-time metrics

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