In order to stand out your retail business has to be different. And as in-store purchasing continually loses ground to omni-channel, the digital experience is more important than ever. Today's consumer expects and demands 24/7 shopping over convenient, easy-to-navigate websites from highly-responsive retailers. In order to fulfill those wishes, Integration Matters provides solutions to integrate all your processes - so you can made intelligent business decisions based on advanced data.

Digital Advantages

To really see what your customers want, you need integration across your entire supply chain, including stores, online and mobile. nJAMS will then provide insights in real time. So you can identify buying patterns and deliver individual shoppers a truly customized retail experience.

Manage Risks

Use customer data to provide personalized service, build trust and differentiate your brand. nJAMS provides real-time data, that also points out potential difficulties before your customers do. Because today’s tech-savvy shopper won’t hesitate to complain over social media when problems go unanswered.

Drive Profits

With nJAMS you can make sure all your processes – from ordering to shipping and follow-up – enjoy complete customer satisfaction. It will also give you a deep view into all actions of every transaction, so you can immediately see where steps should be taken to optimize operations and save costs.  

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