The manufacturing industry is undergoing a huge transformation. Today the inner workings of your entire value chain, including production, logistics, marketing and services, can be digitized to optimize operational efficiency.

Digital Advantages

Overwhelmed by massive amounts of data? nJAMS makes data work for you. To quickly deal with changes in stock, orders and production flows. To trace each product through its entire life-cycle, optimize practices and offer customized development. With nJAMS, all that and much more is easy, fast and effective.  

Manage Risk

Don’t risk letting manufacturing’s next act pass you by. With nJAMS your processes are transparent, so you can see where issues should be optimized and quality and efficiency boosted. By following customer preferences, it also allows you to offer personalized products and services that keep your customers coming back for more.

Drive Profits

Autonomous vehicles, robots or drones in warehouses to check on stock or pick up items. Just a few more ways the manufacturing industry is changing. But new technologies can only help when their data is managed and analyzed within the big picture. To reduce waste of resources, energy and personnel, you owe it to yourself to try nJAMS.

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