As consumers become more tech-savvy, they expect transparent interaction with their energy providers. They also call for modern solutions that will track and lower their energy consumption. By monitoring your processes and tracking your business performance to secure customer satisfaction, cut costs and increase efficiency. 

Digital Advantages

Energy companies today risk being outmaneuvered by non-traditional providers. These are often technology firms that offer smart applications to remotely manage energy usage. Integration Matters can help you outsmart the competition with our innovative nJAMS process monitoring solution. 

Manage Risk

In the energy business, outages, interruptions and inefficient practices cost money – for you as well as your clients. In addition, they are a major drain on your reputation. nJAMS helps you monitor and manage business processes so problem areas can be quickly identified and controlled. 

Drive Profits

Innovative technologies are necessary to stay viable in today’s energy landscape. They also provide great chance for revenue growth, when efficient operational mechanisms are simultaneously implemented. Our nJAMS solution provides real-time insights into important business processes. 

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