How to Create a “See Sooner, Act Faster” Monitoring Strategy

You know you need some monitoring to understand what failed, where it failed and why it failed within your Anypoint platform.

Your support team asks for help to solve any issues faster, but how can you provide more context information?

Your LOBs are demanding relevant operational data in real-time, easily viewed and managed, to make their job easier. How can you help getting them to take action and improve customer experience?

Should you create your own logging framework, extend existing monitoring solutions or use a COTS monitoring solution? We walk you through some thoughts and offer some advice on creating a monitoring strategy that helps achieve your goals.

Why Monitoring Strategy?

Simply put, a monitoring strategy is your plan to achieve operational excellence and deliver brilliant services. Experts from Psyncopate and Integration Matters discuss all of the steps to bring a monitoring strategy to reality:

The teams at Integration Matters and Psyncopate love sharing their knowledge and skills with the MuleSoft community. Whether or not you’re using the nJAMS process visibility suite, our team will share actionable insights and answer questions that will help you become a smarter, more efficient MuleSoft developer or architect.

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