Integration Matters joins the Salesfive group of companies

Leadership Team - von links nach rechts: Hendrik Siegeln, Florian Gehring, Timur Nurdoğan, Adrijana Drozdek, Abdelghani Faiz, Alexander Bartels

On February 8, 2023, we took an important step in the direction of growth and the future and joined the Salesfive group of companies.

Together with Salesfive, one of the leading Salesforce partners in the DACH region, we offer our customers

• bundled expertise on the topic “Connected Experience”

• 300 employees looking forward to joint projects

• a significantly expanded range of services for digitalization

• full Salesforce & MuleSoft power

• a strong network of technology partners

• regional contacts at 9 locations in the DACH region.

An interview with Hendrik Siegeln

Hendrik Siegeln, one of the two founders and managing directors of Integration Matters, explains the background to the merger and responds to questions of particular interest to Integration Matters customers.

Why did Integration Matters decide to merge with Salesfive?

For 18 years, we have been supporting businesses in digitalizing their business processes. With the proper integration strategy, we ensure that, for example, patients are cared for faster and better, orders are reliably delivered within 24 hours, more sustainable products are made and great innovations are possible.

We believe that with our deep technical understanding and broad industry expertise, combined with Salesfive’s closeness to customers and extensive Salesforce knowledge, we can create even more personalized, connected experiences that inspire people and make a real difference in people’s lives. For that reason, Salesfive is the perfect partner for us in our next step of growth.

Salesfive is one of the top 5 Salesforce consultancies in the DACH region focusing on strategy, technology and business optimization and brings experience from over 650 projects with top brands and hidden champions. As we do, Salesfive pays attention to high quality and to regular development of its employees. For example, Salesfive consultants are certified above average. Additionally, Salesfive works in a close alliance with the worldwide CRM market leader Salesforce. These are all aspects that benefit customers. Finally, the customer-oriented focus and, I’ll be quite honest here, a similarly values-based corporate culture were decisive for us.

How do customers benefit from this partnership?

Both Salesfive and Integration Matters are known for making digitalization easier for companies. While Salesfive focuses on “customer excellence,” for us, the “digitalization of business processes” is in the foreground.

However, the combination of both topics is crucial for companies’ future viability. Due to our close partnerships with Salesforce and MuleSoft, our offerings complement each other perfectly. We are significantly expanding our offerings in order to holistically advise our customers on the topic of digital transformation, to ensure successful implementation and also to support operations.

Thanks to the merger, our customers have significantly more resources and 300 specialists at their disposal so that we can realize digital visions even better and faster. At 9 locations in the DACH region (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hattingen, Stuttgart, Munich, Vienna, Zürich), we offer our customers short routes to regional teams.

Will there be any organizational changes for customers?

Nothing will change for our customers. Integration Matters will continue to operate as an independent company under its familiar name and management. All customers will retain their personal contacts, billing will remain the same and, of course, all existing contracts and agreements will continue to apply.

Will the merger affect the technologies that are offered?

No. We are convinced of the efficiency and flexibility of MuleSoft’s API-led architecture, particularly in conjunction with Salesforce solutions. However, we will always decide individually which technologies can be used to implement the customers’ digital vision best and fastest. In this way, we will also support customers who rely on a different integration technology. Our customers can continue to rely on our neutral perspective.

While implementing our projects, we continue to rely on our own methods and tools – from individual project management methods and developer tools to observability solutions such as nJAMS.

What are the future plans of Integration Matters?

Until now, our vision was to become the go-to integration partner in Europe. We can now expand this vision to be even bigger. Together with Salesfive, we want to become the leading partner for digitalization in Europe.

Consequently, we will direct our service offerings toward the needs of our customers – just as we have always done. And we will continue to be a long-term, strategic integration partner for our customers, taking responsibility, easing the burden on IT teams and creating the space for our customers to innovate. This was and is the source of our success.

Together with Salesfive, we have a significantly stronger presence in the market and will also use this expanded sales power for our observability solutions such as nJAMS.

We are certain that, together, Salesfive and Integration Matters can achieve unbelievable things because the foundation is right – starting with our corporate culture, our values and our customer focus. We are team players, communicate openly, love challenges, support each other and appreciate the exchange on an equal footing. All of this with the goal of always achieving the maximum for our customers.

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