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With an appreciative yet focused management style, our lived value system, individual career development, attractive working environment and many incentives, you experience every day that employees are a matter of the heart. For my 15th company anniversary, a long-cherished dream was fulfilled. As a VIP, I was able to experience the "GOAT" live at the first NFL game in Germany together with my wife. So cool.

Rüdiger | Function

Trust and freedom right from the start.

Even during my studies, I received the support I needed. I especially appreciate the trust everyone receives to do their job to the best of their ability. Everyone here, from colleagues to managers, is incredibly benevolent and very helpful. I am also very grateful for the freedom and support to try things out and develop. Therefore, it was clear that I would stay with Integration Matters as a graduate.

Lukas | From working student to software engineer

Everything is possible.

Since joining Integration Matters, I have been able to shape my career according to my goals and I am very proud of my development so far. Without any ifs or buts, I receive the right training for this. Last year, I even attended Dreamforce in San Francisco, where I met many outstanding MuleSoft developers and expanded my personal network.

Kai | IT Consultant MuleSoft

Everybody counts.

I love the professional exchange, the comparison of trends and developments, and the incredibly innovative actions in which we simply have a lot of fun together. So that I, as a father of three small children, could be present at the Aktionsname in Spessart, I was simply allowed to bring my children with me from Croatia. In addition, Integration Matters organized professional childcare for my kids, who even knew Croatian. That is simply very thoughtful.

Bojan | Software Developer

You will be seen and honored.

Extreme care is taken to ensure that overtime remains the exception. But sometimes there are customer requirements that we absolutely have to meet, and then we get caught up in our ambition. I love my job and like to stay two steps ahead of the competition. After an exhausting project phase, Integration Matters invited me and my girlfriend to a wellness vacation on the Adriatic Sea. Thus, a great wish was fulfilled for us.

Mario | Function

Family First is a matter of the heart

It was very important to me to accompany my mother in the last phase of her life. Integration Matters provided flexible space and time with full benefits. This allowed me to be there for my mother without being under pressure at work.

Birgit | Business Development

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