Our InteGREATers' Code

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work. Our success is the result of our expertise, our attitude and the way we value our customers and employees.

Customer's Vision Matters

We put the customer and their vision at the center of everything we do. We listen and ask questions to understand the big picture. We provide honest and transparent advice and are not afraid to point out better ways. We look ahead to ensure that our solution will also work tomorrow. We are reliable and always have our customer's security needs in mind. We've got their back, create freedom and thus relieving their IT department.

People Matter

It is important to us to build trusting relationships with employees and customers and to create win-win partnerships. We support our customers just as we do our employees. Everyone can rely on having a team behind them, and each individual supports their team. We have a Your-Family-First culture that takes into account the personal life situations of employees.

Loving Challenges Matters

We love challenges. We see change as an opportunity. We question existing norms, leave our comfort zone and try new things. Mistakes are important to us on the way to a solution. To be innovative, we are courageous. We set ourselves ambitious goals and push the boundaries further. This is how we drive digital change forward with enthusiasm.

Growth and Learning Matter

Our curiosity drives our professional and personal development. We use every opportunity to learn. Everyone is supported in giving their best and further driving team success. We enjoy being experts and helping others in this role. We can trust in our abilities. We are free to work independently. We are constantly improving. We can rely on our team. We always strive for growth at all levels and inspire others to join us.

We envision GREATER and start small

We know that many small steps lead to great success. We develop new ideas without losing focus on the solution and the customer. We are responsible and create secure solutions. We reduce complexity. This allows us to make rapid progress.

Our Values for Your Success

See for yourself how we sometimes even make the seemingly impossible possible with our expertise and mindset. Find out more in a free initial consultation. Simply fill in the form and submit it.