Solving the dilemma: Performing while transforming

As organizations continue to digitalize, they face a dilemma: as promising as the benefits are, the transition ties up resources. Whether launching new digital services or automating existing processes, a company’s performance is typically compromised through the lack of IT resources. In other words, decision-makers are forced to choose between maintaining operational excellence, profits and serving customers today on the one hand and enhanced agility, profits and new customers tomorrow.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Integration Matters, we are seeing rising demand for high-quality integration support that frees up the client’s capacity for performance and innovation. As partners who know the client’s business, our experts enable a smooth transition without disruption.

Successful innovation starts with integration at Prospitalia

In a recent project, Integration Matters supported Prospitalia, Germany’s leading healthcare procurement company. Prospitalia optimizes healthcare spend, promotes operating efficiency, strengthens clinical efficiency and improves compliance for its partners through superior technological solutions. The company’s solutions leverage multiple unique, rich data insights to drive its value-added services, which have created deep and long-standing relationships with healthcare providers as well as suppliers.

Oliver Zumbeel, CIO at Prospitalia, recognized that customer requirements in terms of data provision, communication and closer cooperation had skyrocketed. The only way to meet these increasing needs would be through enhanced connectivity between customers and partners. Zumbeel chose to work with Integration Matters, based on our expertise and long-term partnership with MuleSoft. We were responsible for the entire implementation project, enabling Prospitalia to get the new integration services up and running quickly with a small team and then scale.

Comprehensive MuleSoft services

Whether you’re going digital or optimizing your existing business processes, our experts can help. Each of our skilled and experienced advisors has worked extensively with reputed organizations across the globe on connecting data, people and processes to increase agility and accelerate time to market. Integration Matters supports the full project lifecycle from architecture and development to operations.

Our coaching brings your people up to speed and helps you achieve quick wins. We support our clients every step of the way in reaching their corporate goals. In addition, our clients know they are never alone: Integration Matters is available on a 24/7 basis, always with a single point of contact yet as many experts as they need.

The net result is business agility that puts clients well ahead of the curve and positions them to excel beyond competitors. By resolving the performing while transforming dilemma and enabling operational excellence, innovation and the transition to state-of-the-art digital processes all at the same time, Integration Matters delivers a unique value proposition. Especially clients with limited resources and tight timeframes profit from our Integrated Managed Services and support on all fronts.

But regardless of whether you’re a global player or a hidden champion, Integration Matters is there for you with the support you need and the services you want. Get in touch with us.