Recording process executions can come in handy for debugging issues that occur during production or while testing applications. Although nJAMS is a process monitoring tool, it also includes an optional function for process recording and replay.

nJAMS monitors all your applications in real-time: APIs, IT-infrastructure and integrations within a business process e.g. in your TIBCO or MuleSoft environment. It speeds up issue identification and root-cause analysis with customizable dashboards and alerts, dependency mapping, and instant access to process insights.

The Replay function helps users resolve issues faster and correct data more easily. It also supports functional, performance and unit testing of TIBCO or Mule applications.

Use Cases for nJAMS Replay

At Integration Matters, we’re constantly striving to develop functions that help increase process performance and provide premium support experiences. nJAMS Replay is one such feature, allowing you to examine or retrigger past process executions by using their original or manually edited payload.

nJAMS Replay can significantly improve the way users perform tasks by:

  • Retriggering a process after a dependent system, which would normally trigger a process, was unavailable
  • Retriggering a process with corrected data, after a caller service has sent invalid data
  • Retriggering a process with different test data.

For a demonstration of nJAMS' Replay function, please check out this video.

How it works

  1. Find a process execution to be replayed via the search bar.

  2. Right click on the process to access the Replay context menu.

  3. Use “Replay as” to display and edit payload manually before starting again.

  4. Click on the red replay icon to inspect the replay history of your process.

nJAMS provides full visibility and auditability of each process instance replayed. It leverages the privilege and role management features of nJAMS to control access to the Replay features.

Automation and mass handling of Replays can be done using a command line tool.

Check the Replay documentation for nJAMS Server or nJAMS Cloud for details.