If your company would like to really focus on customer experience, you need tools that provide more transparency and help you control and improve your services. Because in case there’s a time when metrics and KPIs differ from what’s expected, you have to know where to look, in real-time. With nJAMS, you can find and solve those problems before they affect your clients’ experience!

What does nJAMS monitoring mean for you?

The IBM Integration Bus IIB family (IBM WebSphere Message Broker) provides options for  universal integration based on enterprise service bus (ESB) technology. IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE) is a compatible evolution of IBM Integration Bus and IBM App Connect. Previously, IIB monitoring concentrated on the technical monitoring of resources, availability and performance. It required you to browse through log data to understand what occurred on your platform.

W3 Partnership, an IBM integration partner in the UK, was looking for a solution to increase visibility into applications and better understand the business impact of any issues. They turned to Integration Matters, a pioneer in monitoring of automated business processes running on large-scale integration platforms. We successfully assisted W3 Partnership to extend nJAMS to the IBM IIB/ACE environment.

nJAMS provides deep visibility into message flows and executed data, which helps organizations to trigger alarms, solve issues faster and develop monitoring from a business perspective. By leveraging nJAMS, more than 350 clients worldwide have been able to reduce issue resolution time by up to 90% while lowering maintenance and support costs by an average of 20%. nJAMS has allowed DevOps and developer teams to speed up testing of newly connected applications by 50% and, at the same time, accelerate delivery.

What’s supported?

nJAMS provides comprehensive monitoring functionality. Our full nJAMS documentation is available online.

  • Easy deployment
    Non-invasive on-premise nJAMS Server or nJAMS Cloud
  • Actionable visibility
    Processing, application network, integration, data and resource monitoring all in one tool, comprehensive rule sets
  • Secure by design
    User / role management, data masking, HTTPS certs / MQTT TLS
  • Future-proof architecture
    Consistent deployment in complex heterogeneous environments, dynamic data retention, queue-based event delivery
  • Self-service flow diagrams
    Visualization of business processes and data flows from process definition to every process instance, powerful search function, event replay
  • Empowers business experts
    Builds correlations between multiple systems, functional monitoring, seamless data access, actionable reports, cross-domain visibility

Have a look at this nJAMS online demo! Graham Woods from W3 Partnership has prepared an introduction to the demo scenario.

How to Start

Monitor your IBM Integration Bus Applications with nJAMS to improve insights into your system. nJAMS is easier to implement than you might think, without any change to your code. Contact us for a free trial!

Learn more about nJAMS for IBM IIB/ACE at the W3P Website.

If you have questions or feedback, reach out to me at bjordan@integrationmatters.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.