Integration Matters offers you a risk-free chance to evaluate nJAMS at no cost. Your account will allow full use of our nJAMS Server 4.5 to monitor your end-to-end business processes, for example in your TIBCO or MuleSoft environment. There are no limitations to the features of the trial version!

Start your nJAMS trial now!

Simply follow the steps in this video to begin your trial with nJAMS Cloud.

  1. Sign up for the nJAMS trial with your corporate email address.
  2. Verify your email address and complete your account information.
  3. Select your account / domain name and the name of your nJAMS instance.
  4. Choose the nJAMS Client(s) you want to use during the trial.
  5. After you’ve agreed to our Terms & Conditions, your nJAMS trial instance will be created.
  6. You’ll then be forwarded to our customer portal, where you can manage your subscriptions, your users and nJAMS instances.
  7. Go to the “Client Setup” tab in the “Instances” menu and - to receive download and configuration instructions for your nJAMS Client software - select the technology you want to monitor.
  8. View the nJAMS manuals for complete documentation.
  9. The nJAMS trial will expire automatically after 30 days. Contact our sales team to continue using the software.

Fully evaluate the benefits of the software:

  • Integrated view of business process performance in real-time
  • Full-stack monitoring
  • Proactive alerts
  • Customizable drill-down charts & searches based on business data

Your account will be created in an US instance. Contact us if you prefer to try nJAMS on-premise or with any other infrastructure in your environment.