The nJAMS platform has been a wide success since its market launch back in 2012. Today we have hundreds of installations worldwide and ten-thousands of components monitored by nJAMS. Over the past years we learned a lot about how our customers and partners want to deploy and operate the nJAMS platform, and we also developed a better understanding about the data volumes collected in the various installations. While the majority of our customers record up to a few million business processes per day, we also see installations in the range of high double-digit million processes per day.

The default configuration of all our products is targeted at ease-of-use. First timers should not be bothered with the detailed internals of the product, but rather have a plug-and-play experience. This approach works well for most installations, especially in development and test environments. However, once a deployment into a high-volume production environment is planned, we typically recommend to get one of our experienced consultants on site for a one- or two-day workshop to plan the rollout and size and configure all components for best performance.

Download nJAMS Deployment Best Practices to learn about the typical considerations and recommendations we cover in such on-site workshops. You are invited to work through this document and check your installation for our best practices.

About the Author: Hendrik Siegeln is co-founder and Managing Director of Integration Matters.