Our latest release nJAMS Server 4.4 offers more ways to collect deeper process insights, enabling faster decisions and better customer service. Some of the key features of the new nJAMS Server 4.4 release include:

  • Support of Elasticsearch 6
  • New JSON format for log messages of future nJAMS Clients
    speeding up message processing and improving processing of long-running process executions
  • New nJAMS landing page
    allowing quick access to main functions
  • New version checker
    guaranteeing consistently compatibility between nJAMS Server and nJAMS Plugins
  • New Gantt chart visualization of correlated process executions
  • Automatic discard of transitions of successful transactions
    significantly reducing storage requirements.

To receive this update as part of your nJAMS 4 maintenance, simply visit our Download Portal. Contact us and suggest date / time for an online meeting, if you need support for your migration.

Introducing nJAMS Argos
nJAMS now enables you to unlock deeper insights by correlating infrastructure performance with business process performance. nJAMS Server 4.4 includes extended functionality for infrastructure monitoring. A dedicated telemetry client collects metrics from e.g. physical servers, network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, the overall bandwidth capacity as well as cloud-specific telemetry. The Argos section is where users can set up the dashboard to watch the telemetry values that are being collected by nJAMS. You can even define business rules to trigger sequence execution based on telemetry data.  

Do you want to understand how the extended nJAMS functionality can help your business? Request a demo now.