Integrated Managed Services for medium-size MuleSoft customers

Today’s complex business processes call for integration of multiple applications, data sources and devices. Integration Matters has a strong track record of aligning business processes and mission-critical applications with tactical goals. Our approach is to take on full project management responsibility, while ensuring that the entire integration platform is designed, managed and maintained around the company’s overall business strategy and growth plans. In short, we support the full project lifecycle from architecture and development to operations. This frees up the client’s internal resources and allows a smooth transition.

In this context, we and our customers rely on our technology partner MuleSoft, the world’s No. 1 integration and API (Application Programming Interface) platform. Thanks to this API-led solution, we can integrate data from any system and create connected user experiences quickly and easily. It’s also adaptable, as each integration forms a reusable building block. Integration Matters not only offers comprehensive MuleSoft consulting and development, but also handles operation of the entire MuleSoft environment – from the underlying infrastructure to the business applications. Now this already industry-leading combination of technology and services has improved even further.

Business agility and change

Integrated Managed Services takes comprehensive and trouble-free integration to a new level. Whether you are seeking to enhance customer experience, shorten time to market, boost overall operational efficiency or all of the above, Integrated Managed Services makes it easier and more efficient than ever to bring all elements into alignment. Manufacturers can more efficiently automate processes and increase supply chain visibility for partners. Retailers and service providers can make smoother transitions in the context of digitalization initiatives, for example, to deliver omnichannel experiences, improve customer retention and make sound business decisions based on real-time data.    

Performance, reliability and security

The MuleSoft Anypoint integration platform serves as enabler and accelerator for all these integration processes. At the same time, ensuring peak performance, reliability and security for advanced IT environments requires a managed services skillset that goes beyond integration technology alone. Successful steering of projects calls for a perspective on applications, business and the various operational processes that focus on innovation, continuity and growth. At Integration Matters, our project teams are unique in their specialization in delivering precisely this kind of comprehensive services.

Our passion: operational excellence

Monitoring is essential in making the increasing degree of complexity in connected business processes manageable. We are pioneers in monitoring automated business processes running on large-scale integration platforms. Our proprietary process visibility suite nJAMS enables automated continuous monitoring of applications, processes and complete systems. Its functionalities include event monitoring and alerting. By linking monitoring data to business requirements, we can pinpoint potential impacts on business operations at an early stage.

Our experts use nJAMS to enable full transparency over business operations. nJAMS provides a reliable and complete overview of what is actually going on across the value chain, and why. It empowers organizations by providing actionable process insights, enabling swifter and more precise decision making. On this solid basis, improvements and innovations can be implemented faster and with greater confidence, to drive business initiatives.

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Many medium-sized companies and global players already rely on the skills and resources of Integration Matters in implementing API-led solutions from MuleSoft. Integrated Managed Services place us in an even better position to deliver the service, knowledge and support they need to achieve seamlessly integrated functions across their organization without tying up their own resources. They can fully concentrate on operational business and future-oriented topics, without having to build up internal know-how and capacities for the integration platform. Integration Matters has earned a reputation as the go-to MuleSoft integration partner for hidden champions in Europe by consistently demonstrating strategic vision and pragmatism in solving tomorrow’s toughest digitalization and automation challenges.