In today's digital world, the uptime of your business operation is a mission critical factor. While integration infrastructures are challenged to meet the increasing demand of growing ecosystems and a wide variety of applications, it's getting more complex to keep your fingers on the pulse of your end-to-end processes. During a joint roundtable with our partner RubiX, we discussed best practices how to manage surprises in business operations and how to prevent them.

Increasing uptime of business operation requires you to identify and understand the current end-to-end business processes and to focus on continuous and measurable operational improvement. We suggest the following roadmap:

  1. Identify and visualize key operational end-to-end processes. Understand how your business transactions are executed and which correlations exist between processes. Make sure to know at any time, what is going on in your business operation. Provide drill-down real-time reports to simplify solving of problems.
  2. Develop metrics to measure end-to-end process performance and the business impact of any process variants.
  3. Define rule-based actions for specific events to trigger notifications and take immediate action when required. Design escalation workflows to be automatically started, when anomalies occur while measuring your KPIs against pre-defined SLAs.
  4. Operate functionally and measure systemically to ensure optimal end-to-end performance. Understand the impact of any issues on the end-to-end process. Predicting and solving problems before they happen is the key to increase uptime of your business operation.
  5. Drive Continuous Improvement. Provide actionable reports in real-time to all involved levels of business to continuously improve overall process performance. Cultivate a culture of data-driven decision making at all levels of your organization.

The business process operating system nJAMS gives you the visibility, control and easy reporting to drive greater operational effectiveness and efficiency and to increase the uptime of your business. Download the roundtable presentations or contact us for a live demo!

About the Author: Birgit Jordan is Marketing Director at Integration Matters.