I’m sure everyone’s experienced answers similar to those in this cartoon when trying to track down a problem – whether with a supplier or within your own organization. As today’s businesses work with ever-increasing processes, technologies, software, systems and workflows, the risk of such a scenario increases dramatically. And the result is no laughing matter. It leads to upset customers, a waste of valuable resources, revenue loss and damage to brand reputation.

The result is no laughing  matter.

And yet there is an answer to all that difficulty: end-to-end monitoring. Especially as a growing number of organizations move toward comprehensive digitalization and the deployment of cloud strategies: monitoring matters more and more, even as its implementation grows in complexity. In our competitive business world, it is crucial to immediately know what processes went wrong at exactly which point. So that any problems, blockages or concerns can be directly found and mitigated – at best, even before they cause any damage.

Solve issue before they can cause any damage.

Monitoring gives you highly visible insight into how your processes work. This holistic overview means you can more easily identify performance trends or resolve potential pain points. Those could be issues such as where systems could use better orchestration or how a small operational tweak might result in increased productivity. Associated reporting tools can also help ensure that service level agreements and KPIs are upheld. Plus, robust and complete monitoring provides quality data for AI and machine learning.

Excel in operations.

With all the benefits of monitoring, including real-time reporting, you’re in prime position to observe overall performance and improve your entire business. You are now able to reliably measure important factors, such as processing and delivery time, efficiency, wait times, completion rates or costs. These indicators allow you to make strategic decisions that can significantly affect your bottom line. Indeed, today no organization can enhance business without a well-considered monitoring plan. Because monitoring matters.

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