Petrol connects business and technology to build new products and services, faster. To fully master their future IT architecture and accelerate digital transformation, Petrol has chosen nJAMS to provide comprehensive process insights. Download Case Study


Petrol, the leading energy company in Slovenia, is getting ready for the future. By 2020, Petrol’s goal is to become a recognized provider of comprehensive energy and environmental solutions across a wider region, as well as a partner in ‘circular economy’ development for transition to a low carbon society. The main operational guidelines to achieve long-term growth and development were set by Petrol in 2016. With highest expansion planned in customer-oriented digitization projects, the design of a comprehensive digital strategy will be driven by informatics.

Streamlining business processes at Petrol required a complete transformation of all critical IT systems. Advanced IT architecture was designed to enable new business models and a faster time-to-market of new products and services. The integration platform TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 was selected for quicker and easier connection and exchange of data with internal and external systems. With a rapidly growing number of processes and integrations, Petrol was looking for a solution to monitor overall business processes and enable complete visibility.


Having seen nJAMS at TIBCO NOW in Berlin, and after proof-of-concept (PoC), Petrol decided to implement nJAMS to drive operational efficiency and customer excellence. Time-to-value for nJAMS was less than one day.

nJAMS visualizes Petrol’s current and past end-to-end processes and data in real time, with a single click. It provides the information Petrol needs to report on process performance and identify challenges in process executions at an early stage.


“Situational awareness is critical for faster decisions and more agility during IT development and operations,” explains Jani Kavcic, Head of IT development at Petrol. “nJAMS helps us to visualize and appropriately metricize the end-to-end chain of activities within our business transactions. We are able to provide exactly the IT and business reports needed for a successful implementation of our digital strategy.”

About Petrol

Petrol – the leading energy company in Slovenia - is the principal strategic supplier of oil and other energy products to the Slovenian market. Through an extensive distribution network of proprietary service stations, Petrol provides drivers on Slovenia’s roads and highways with a broad range of automotive goods and services and a wide selection of household and food products and other merchandise.

The core area of operations of the Petrol Group is oil trading activities. Petrol’s principal competitive advantage over potential competitors is its extensive network of 464 modern service stations in Slovenia and abroad.

The principal development direction of the Petrol Group is the introduction of new energy activities, in particular the sale of gas, heat and electricity, but in the long run also renewable energy sources.