Feb/24 2017
Business Performance Monitoring in the Logistics Industry
Feb/03 2017
nJAMS helps MuleSoft Anypoint customers achieve digital business success
Jan/31 2017
nJAMS Deployment: Best Practices Whitepaper

Learn how to deploy nJAMS for end-to-end process monitoring in high-volume and high-availability environments.

Nov/15 2016
In a fast, crazy world, monitoring makes real business sense

Today’s business environment is changing faster and faster. The ability to quickly adapt is crucial to survival. To do that, it is essential to have a thorough overview of all your processes, only then can you instantly see potential problems and have a clear view of what steps need to be taken to open the way to the future. The process visibility suite from Integration Matters provides exactly that.

Oct/24 2016
Monitoring – the important bit before big data analytics

Businesses today can no longer ignore the growing need for digital transactions. The challenges that brings can only be successfully dealt with through automation and comprehensive, effectual monitoring and analytic systems. Learn why, what to watch out for and how Integration Matters can help make the process simple and beneficial.