Integration Matters. We help optimize your operating model and business capabilities. How?

By providing a clear-cut view of your entire value chain.

Our areas of activities


Our uniquely different software makes each and every one of your in-depth processes completely visible every step along the way. nJAMS has always an eye on the big picture of your business transactions. Measure your process performance to continuously improve business outcomes.


IT Strategy

Our consultants are experienced technical masters. They also have a deep understanding of the business processes of globally operating industries.

We help you develop the best IT architecture for your business. For increased agility, reduced time-to-market and sustainable success. 


Business models are changing and as a result the way a business measures its performance and understands its business processes need to change.

We help you understand how your business is performing in real-time and how what you do can become even better.

About Us

Our headquarters is in Hattingen, Germany.

To strengthen our commitment to the UK and US markets, we recently opened sales offices in London and New York.

We also work with leading system integrators around the world to make your digital business successful.


Why Integration Matters?

  • Many of our over 300 global customers are leaders in their fields and instantly recognized global giants

  • Smart metrics allow you to accurately measure what really counts: your day-to-day business performance  

  • Integration Matters helps you optimize your business processes to maximize performance and minimize risk

  • Let nJAMS be your guide to digital business success – by giving you a real-time view into end-to-end processes