At Integration Matters, we offer you more than just a job. With us, you have the best possible chance to forge a successful future. With an attractive salary and great benefits. With flexible working conditions. With a work-life balance that let you easily manage a career as well as your family life. And with first-class training opportunities to help you become a global technology leader.

Are you ready to be a technology leader?

  • Students

    What comes after school? Computer science offers a world of opportunities with trainee or dual study programs. Come and visit us at Girls’ Day or Information Day events to find out more. There's nowhere better to start your future.

  • University Students

    The best thing about theory is putting it into practice. Integration Matters provides students with lots of different ways to do just that. Through internships, dissertation placements and temporary employment. Work around the world. Let’s talk about your career options at Integration Matters.

  • Freelance

    Do you like being able to choose your projects, locations and schedules? We’re always looking for expert IT consultants to join our team. We offer long-term partnerships. Get to know us and tell us what you’re looking for. As soon as we have a project in your area, we’ll contact you.

  • Professionals

    At Integration Matters your career takes a new direction – upward. That's because we offer more: technology leadership, projects with market leaders all over the world and high flexibility. We help you develop your personal brand. Contact us if you’re a high performer with high expectations.

Living in the Ruhr area: Enjoy variety

You’ll soon learn that it’s never boring in the Metropole Ruhr. As the third-largest metropolitan region in Europe – just after Paris and London – the region has something to suit every taste. It’s all here: art and culture, leisure and sport, urban cities and nature zones. With 22 universities and colleges, the Ruhr region has the largest density of higher-education facilities than anywhere in Europe.