Improve and Innovate Your End-to-End Processes
Maximize the Value of Your Existing Integration Platforms

Drive business initiatives and data-driven decision making at all levels of your organization.

Transforming Business Transactions

While working towards managing digital innovation, continue to improve your end-to-end processes and deliver a customer first experience.

Building a Platform for the Future

If you’re making the transition to digital or would like to make the most of your processes, our consultants are standing by to help. 

nJAMS 4 is the Way To Go!

Our partner TMNS supports TIBCO customers across Europe through the application of nJAMS in becoming more agile, more responsive and more flexible. Andy Chan, Senior Consultant at TMNS, describes in detail his migration strategy to nJAMS 4.

nJAMS Helps MuleSoft Customers Achieve Digital Business Success

nJAMS works in connection with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and provides end-to-end visibility to key business processes.


What if you could precisely understand how your business is running, in real-time? With our business process operating system nJAMS, you can see, control and significantly improve your corporate processes and business results.

Integration Matters’ nJAMS provides a true understanding of what is actually going on across the value chain, and why. It empowers organizations by providing process insights, so they know more about their business operations and can quickly take action. It also promotes better decision making, offers the ability to improve and innovate faster, and decidedly drives business initiatives.

nJAMS allows a deep view into data and end-to-end processes across integration platforms (e.g., TIBCO, MuleSoft), enterprise applications (e.g., SAP) and cloud services. It delivers valuable business information to improve corporate processes and business performance - on the way to market leadership.

Drive business outcomes.

Use process insights to improve business efficiencies and to differentiate your business.

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